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What Is Convicted Creations?



The Recipes

View all our “Convicted Creation” recipes. Chris Martin the Hemp Chef with over 20 years as a professional chef has joined with other chefs in making the ultimate survival guide for the prison side hustle. Stay healthy and keep your game clean.

Your Story

We want to know your story and your “Convicted Creation” side hustle. You can submit your recipe by clicking the button below & you may be featured on our YouTube channel or in the “Convicted Creation” recipe book.

Lastest Video

Stay up to date with all are Convicted Creation video content. Our first episode is “Prison Ice Cream,” with many more videos dropping over the next few months. The content will cover cooking, home made equipment, prison survival hacks and your stories.


Episode 1: Prison Ice Cream

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Behind The Scenes

Check out all the great photography featuring behind scenes of the making of Convicted Creations. Join our YouTube Episode. Also Stay tuned for the great photography and graphic work that will be conceptually created for the Convicted Creations survival cook book.

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