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The Chris Martin Story

Every great story needs to be told. Chris Martin has documented his life story so he can let world know what happened. We Crush the Box is a documentary film crew that  has been commissioned to film the journey.

Hear Chris tell his story in this iconic interview.1hr 11m

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Convicted Creations

Convicted Creations is something that Chris has been working on for a long time. It is his passion project that has finally been crossed off the list. This book by Chris Martin is his soul on paper. First 100 pre-orders get the Hemp paper version.

Watch "Convicted Creations Intro"25 Seconds

The Hempful Chef

Chris Martin is a professional chef and he has been creating health recipes his entire life. Chris is well known as the chef that took hemp from farm to table. He has ran and opened many successful restaurants. Chris is also the founder and executive chef of the Hempful Farms Cafe. Chris is opening his mind and passion; along with his cook book to share healthy hemp recipes. (Socially driven web platform coming soon).

Hemp has been a huge important part of my life living with Crohns. As a Professional Chef it has been my Canvas.

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At heart I am an artist in and out of the kitchen. At Hempful farms and on the road I tend to take in those influences creatively. As I get inspired with work and from people around me the best thing to do is to create that original T.

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Check out all the latest videos from the documentary crew to in the kitchen. We also post reviews or content that is industry inspired greatness.

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