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Chris Martin

The life

Professional Chef, former Semi-Pro Baseball Player, and Crohn’s Disease survivor-Chris Martin doesn’t just infuse for a living-he infuses for his quality of life. Martin- Founder and CEO of Hempful Farms- is a happily married family man- and father of 5 kids- who has devoted his life to helping end Cannabis Prohibition and making it his personal mission to prove to the world how hemp can heal.

The Career

The Hemp Chef- Chris Martin has opened 10 restaurants – four of which he Co-Owned. In 2009 he founded the infamous “Zonka Bars”- but the line ran afoul as a result of ambiguous Arizona Medical Marijuana laws- which prompted him to shift his focus from product -only to a sit down cafe with hemp a cbd infused menu. Chris’s masterful cooking skills and Crohn’s Disease diagnosis led him to open up Hempful Farms Cafe in 2014- with a dream of showing the world the healing power of cannabinoid-infused food and drinks.  Unfortunately-Chef Martin’s was a forced  “Guest of the State” had  to temporarily close down the cafe and production facility. Thankfully- Chris did his time, and In January 2018- they  reopened the Hempful Farms/ Paw Puddy Store at 1756 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ and launched their second store in at 169 Cohasset Rd, in Chico, California!

Chris Martin Photo Shoot

The future

Chris Martin is a freight train in motion- always moving forward!  In latest news-he partnered with GCM Media to Direct and Produce a documentary about his experiences called “One Life: The Chris Martin Story”, and has 3 books which are scheduled for release in December of 2018.  In addition to the documentary- Chris has also launched the new web series “Convicted Creations”- with each episode is filmed with Chef Martin and a special guest -devoted to creating tasty meals made with commissary which can be purchased in prison- exclusively available only to inmates.

In his free time (which is minimal)- you can catch him riding his Harley, rooting for the Royals & Chiefs, or hitting the lake with his family.


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