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Make Prison Ice Cream

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time15 mins

Making is ice cream in prison is feat to behold... get your hustle on cold.

 1 Bowl of Ice
 5 cups Milk
 2 cups Sugar
 4 Pop Tarts
 ¼ cup Vanilla Creamer
 1 tbsp Salt From Packet
Prison Ice Cream Perpetration

Start collecting you sugar packets. You will need to save up for two cups of sugar. This may take while. Save one 1 Tbsp of salt.


On the prison commissary list get two packets of pop tarts 4 total and the overly priced vanilla coffee creamer.


Save a few empty peanut putter jars along with some empty plastic cups to be used for prepping


One to two Trash bag will be needed. Be friends with the resident cleaner.


From the mess hall start gathering ice using your tickets ( One Bowl equivalent ) and 1 cup of milk.

Mixing the Ice Cream for Cure

1. Add the bowl of ice to the the clean and fresh trash bag. Double bag for greater success.
2. Add the 2 Cups of sugar
3, Add the Milk
4 Add the Salt
5 Add the 1/4 Cup of Vanilla Creamer


Start by massaging the trash bag to create a mixing sensation. Use the the home made rolling pin to really break down the ingredients within the trash bag. Add more ice as needed.


Secure a dyer and offer Ice Cream to bypass the line. Use your pillow case to place the trash bag filled with the Ice cream mixture for extra protection. Tie a knot with the pillow case to secure it. Make sure the dryer has absolute no heat. Remove from dryer after

Get Ready to Serve!

Remove the Ice cream and store in empty recycled peanut butter jars. Mix with crushed Pop Tarts to enhance flavor. Serve to friends, enjoy yourself or sell for the side hustle.